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supAn in-depth character analysis of Agent 47

‘Goon 47 and The Curse of Huge Levels’ – A postmortem piece on HITMAN

The Theme of HITMAN vs. The Theme of Hitman

Hunter and Hunted – An exclusive interview with David Bateson

‘Loosely based on the Eidos video game’ – White’s Reaction to the First Movie

‘Somewhat based on the Hitman games’ – White’s Reaction to the Second Movie

‘Is it still worth to play Hitman Codename 47?’ – The Legacy of Codename 47

‘Transition of the Trade’ – a look at Hitman GO

otherSilent Hill 2 – overall thoughts

Final Fantasy X’s Act 1 and how it compares to the concept of a monomyth

Discussing the art of the sequel – Alice Madness Returns & Hitman Absolution

From Minds of Creators to the Hands of Fans: The Binding of Isaac & Yume Nikki


Then & Now: Rayman & Rayman Origins – Was Origins truly a return to Rayman’s origins?

Rayman 2: My Great Escape – reminiscing a childhood favorite


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