Part 3


Ahh, Silent Assassin. When I see people talking about their favorite Hitman game it’s usually Silent Assassin or Blood Money that takes the cake. Personally, I’m in neither of the camps, but I still respect this game for what it is. The missions are diverse, the ranking system works great, the music is wonderful and the story… the story is just phenomenal. Silent Assassin is probably my favorite Hitman game story wise. Did you know that it involves 47 preventing a terrorist attack on the United States of America? I feel like a lot of people miss that point… Let’s start dissecting it then and learning what happens two years after the end of Codename 47.


The absolute first characters we see as we start up the game are Arkadij Jegorov’s brotherSergei Zavorotko – and an unnamed figure that’s been dubbed by the community as the Mystery Man or Mr. X. They are interested in Ort-Meyer’s research. “An augmented, amplified and improved version of the human species”. To get more information about the experiments, they travel to Romania where they infiltrate the infamous facility and get access to the security footage. Men are impressed with 47, Zavorotko wonders if he’s available to hire and Mystery Man replies by saying that he’s seen 47 before in Rotterdam, but he’s not heard about him for a while.

That is because our main character fled to Sicily after the realization that he’s been created from the start only to kill. Haunted by his past, he becomes a gardener in a Gontranno Church ran by padre Vittorio.

No witty remarks yet, we’re just setting up.

47 confesses his sins to Vittorio who tells him that even though HE’S KILLED PEOPLE his soul’s on the right path, because he’s been taking care of the garden and donated a large amount of money to the church (sure, whatever). The priest asks 47 to pray in the church. In the meantime, Italian goons kidnap Vittorio and leave a package for 47. The package contains a fish head and a letter. 47 deeply regrets the sins he’s already committed, but there is no other way than to “dig up the past” once again and rescue padre Vittorio.

If that’s how they welcome people there I’m not sure if I still want to visit Italy…

47 contacts the Agency for the first time in two years in this absolutely amazing cutscene and accompanied by probably one of the best music tracks in the franchise. His controller Diana acts surprised when she hears from him. 47 asks for a favor, calls padre Vittorio his “friend” to which Diana responds “A friend? Have you gone soft, 47?”. She also mentions that 47’s became sort of a legend among their clients and its rumored that he’s very wealthy. “I’ve heard that rumor too. It’s not true, though.” In exchange for information on Vittorio, the Agency wants 47 to. once again, work for them. 47 is hesitant, he has just started to get used to a new life, but agrees to the offer.

Vittorio is believed to be held in a basement of Don Giuseppe Gulianni’s mansion. 47 infiltrates the mansion and kills the owner, but the priest must have been moved somewhere else. Diana states that since she’s completed her part of the deal, 47 now needs to repay the debt. She wants her agent to travel to St. Petersburg to take care of a few missions.

I absolutely loved the briefing files from Silent Assassin. Felt so good going through the files during Diana’s speeches.

He is to kill four Russian generals involved in an arms deal and rescue an agent stuck in captivity. The agent in question happens to be Smith. “I thought I’ve seen the last of you in Romania.” This leads to one of the best quotes ever said in a video game ever. By 47, no less. “Start by putting your pants on.” 47 helps Smith escape and is successful in eliminating the targets. The last general though has already defected to the German Embassy and is believed to try and seek asylum in Germany. He has to be eliminated before that happens and his suitcase, containing an advanced guidance system, has to be retrieved. 47 isn’t alone on this mission. A Spetznaz agent has already been dispatched by the Russians. 47 manages to complete every objective and learns about the connections to the Japanese yakuza. “Looks like someone has friends in Japan.”

After the missions in Russia, the Agency wants 47 to continue working for them. In return, 47 demands more money for his services. He has a reputation to protect.


Diana sends him to Japan, to seek out Masahiro Hayamoto Senior – another arms dealer currently having his hands on a missile guiding system. The problem arises when the Agency realizes that Hayamoto hasn’t been seen publicly for 15 years. The location of his hiding place is unknown, so it is up to 47 to get the remaining intel. The target has a son – Masahiro Hayamoto Junior, who is scheduled to have a meeting with Tanaka Kusahana – leader of the yakuza. The Agency wants 47 to kill Hayamoto Junior and plant a GPS tracker on his body. The plan works out perfectly. The body ends up in the hands of Hayamoto Senior and the GPS reveals that he’s hiding in Katsuyama-Jo – a castle in central Japan. Inside, 47 stumbles upon Lei Ling, who is again, in the wrong place at the wrong time. He helps her in exchange for a keycard that lets him close to his target. 47 also secures the missile guidance system as requested by the client and escapes the castle with Lei Ling.

Next hit takes place in Malaysia. This time, the target is Charlie Sidjan – a skilled hacker that has recently stolen a piece of US’s military software that bypasses the missile defense systems by recognizing the missile as their own. The client is interested in the key signature and wants Sidjan killed as well as the data retrieved. Charlie Sidjan runs the operation under the cover of Carniwarez Incorporated Computers, but their network is sealed up and the Agency cannot find a way in without a physical interaction. 47 plants a bug on the hard drive. Another Agency employee by the name of Clera confirms that the bug is working and the software is being retrieved. Realizing that a man sitting in the basement of Carniwarez headquarters isn’t actually Charlie Sidjan, but his twin brother, the Agency finds the target in his apartment in Petronas Towers, where 47 ultimately kills Sidjan and completes his assignment.

hitman2 2016-01-28 11-52-04-77
This is the photo the Agency supplies 47 with to recognize Charlie Sidjan. Well, it’s fortunate that he’s good at his job…

Before the next assignment, 47 asks Diana for information on Vittorio, yet when she’s unable to answer him, he loses hope.

Can I just say that I love the delivery of the “He might as well be dead then.” line? There is a slight sigh there, almost like he doesn’t really want Diana to notice, but it hurts him to say those words. It’s perfect and when I noticed it, it blew me away… I said I’m a nerd. Trust me, I could write an entire other huge post about overanalyzing the character of 47. This would allow me to talk about Contracts more than this does…

The client once again asks the Agency for help. This time, his cargo got stolen and is being hidden somewhere in Nuristan. 47 is to eliminate people involved in a potential trade with the United Nations – lieutenant Ahmed Zahir, colonel Mohammad Amin, a local khan Abdul Bismillah Malik and lieutenant Yussef Hussain as well as secure the stolen cargo.

hitman2 2016-02-10 11-11-21-13
I wonder who that fella is. Oh and I brightened this screenshot, cause it is literally almost black in-game.

Even after the mission is successful, the cargo still isn’t in the hands of the client though. A local cult has intercepted the chopper and it is now stationed in Punjab, India. The client requested that the leaders of the cult are to be killed and the cargo retrieved. 47 meets up with agent Smith, who, in exchange for keeping him safe from the assassins, supplies him with information about his targets – doctor Hannelore van Kamprad and Deewana Ji. Ji is currently in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant – a handy opportunity used by 47 to get to him and kill him. But there’s someone waiting for the agent on the Hospital Island. A man dressed in a suit. The same man that took part in intercepting the chopper. He manages to run away before 47 can get to him.

Remember when promo art showed 47 looking badass without having him look like something out of an action movie?

The cargo is now finally in the hands of the client, but his actions hasn’t gone unnoticed. The UN recognizes the client as Sergei Zavorotko – a known Russian terrorist and Arkadij Jegorov’s brother and strikes a deal with the Agency in order to eliminate him and prevent the missiles from being fired. Even though ICA has strict policies about performing a hit on a former client, they acknowledge future possibilities of cooperation with the United Nations and send 47 to retrace his steps in St. Petersburg.

47 makes his way back into the Pushkin Building only to find that the mission has been set up by Sergei himself. The man in a suit is there, waiting for the agent. 47 kills him, realizes that he’s one of his brothers, going by the name ’17’. Taking the opportunity to talk to Sergei, he threatens to kill him after hearing about the Russian being responsible for kidnapping padre Vittorio (literally the only time 47 ever actually wants to kill a person – thought it was worth a mention since lately it seems like people think he enjoys what he does) and then travels to the Gontranno Church, where he eliminates the ‘double crossing creep’ and all of his people. Vittorio’s grateful. He presents 47 with a rosary, but the agent isn’t interested. Instead, he leaves it on the door and walks away.

hitman2 2016-02-10 11-18-46-74

“I wasn’t made for this”, he says deciding to seek justice for himself.

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