Part 5

Part 4.5 – Assorted missions

I didn’t make a graphic, cause it’s literally one paragraph…

Before we head back into the realm of video games, I think it’s a good thing to mention those few missions that don’t fit nicely into the timeline and aren’t as important in the grant scheme of things. There aren’t a lot of them, but they definitely deserve a shoutout. Especially the Contracts missions – Meat King’s Party and Beldingford Manor. There’s also Death of the Showman – the first level of Blood Money, which I’m mentioning now, because it ultimately doesn’t really matter when you look at that game’s story as a whole. Oh and the assassination of Richard Strong – the former employee of Dexter Industries (more on that company later) and his bodyguards from Absolution’s pre-order bonus – Sniper Challenge. No idea where that fits, but hey, it has a neat little easter egg in form of Mystery Man himself… or maybe a failed tie-in. Who knows. It’s a good game though.


Blood Money… who doesn’t like Blood Money? The gameplay is arguably the best in the series, the music is by Jesper Kyd once again, so we know it’s great, but the game is way too easy for my likings. No-one really asked me about the opinion though… I’m doing it anyways! But, ultimately, I’m here to talk about the story! And believe me, there’s a lot of it in Blood Money. It might not look like it. It is really disjointed and the main trend happens to be people bullshiting other people. I’m still not sure if I got every piece right. It’s been a journey. I’m also still wondering if I did the right thing in the way of presenting the plot. I ultimately decided to go with how the game does it instead of doing it chronologically. I just think it makes more sense in the context. I’m not going to lie though – it’s probably the most confusing storyline of the franchise. Maybe that’s why people thought Hitman doesn’t have a story…


The proper story begins with the meeting of a journalist – Rick Henderson – with Alexander Leland Cayne. Cayne asks him to call him Jack and the journalist complies. I don’t. It’s clear that Rick would like to have control over the interview. First he would like Cayne to talk about his career in the FBI and then get in a few words about his opinion on the latest White House attack. That control is quickly taken away from the journalist as Cayne clearly has a different goal in mind.

Alexander Cayne has first heard of 47 in 2004, probably right after the assassination of Joseph Clarence. What he doesn’t tell Rick is that he’s heavily involved in an assassins’ organization called The Franchise – a subdivision of Alpha Zerox. (If you didn’t know that Alpha Zerox exists – it’s probably because it’s mentioned literally ONCE IN THE ENTIRE GAME. I’m pretty sure I’ve read every flavor text there is and I’ve only seen it ONCE. IN THE BRIEFING FILES OF AMENDMENT XXV.) He mentions a “scoop of the century”, yet starts his tale with a retelling of the mission in Chile. 47 is to eliminate Fernando Delgado as well as his son Manuel – both of them are trafficking drugs, because it is apparently all every criminal in this universe does, and are using a winery as a cover up.


This is an easy mission for 47 and Rick quickly calls Cayne on that fact. Only then Cayne reveals who was involved in the assassination. Rick’s heard of agent 47 and Cayne is glad to hear that. He slowly feeds Rick information about a “mysterious bald clone assassin” and his recent missions, sparking curiosity in the journalist.

It is March 17, 2004. 47 is tasked to take care of a simple assignment in an opera house in Paris. His targets are Richard Delahunt and Alvaro D’Alvade (called Phillip Berceuse in Contracts – it’s weird, Delahunt’s name is the same, but D’Alvade isn’t. I’m going with D’Alvade, because it’s more well known. And no, you can’t say that it’s because it’s 47’s memories in Contracts, because it’s literally the only part that isn’t.) – highly controversial people for the industry they’re in. Richard Delahunt used to be involved in running a child prostitution ring. Thanks to his friends in the police, namely the corrupt officer by the name of Albert Fournier, Delahunt is currently an American Ambassador to the Vatican, but he spends his free time closely watching his ‘maybe something more than just a buddy’ Alvaro D’Alvade rehearse his role in Puccini’s Tosca (and ultimately helps him complete act 3). 47 eliminates both of them, yet is caught off guard and gets shot by a man in a police uniform.


“He knew me. Actually recognized me and looked me in the eyes. As he was expecting me… No… that’s impossible.”

47 manages to head back to his hotel room in Paris and collapses on the floor. The fever, heavy bleeding and pain take their toll and 47 quickly falls into the dream world mixed with intense flashbacks, distorted scenery and weird imagery. Diana knows something’s wrong. She sends an Agency medic to take care of her agent. The doctor gets to him in time, removes the bullet and helps 47 get back on his feet… sort of. In the meantime, police is surrounding the hotel. 47 hears sirens and a voice belonging to Albert Fournier – a mutual friend of the people 47’s just killed. He knows he’s outnumbered, but doesn’t want to give up. He escapes the hotel, eliminates the police officer and is extracted by the Agency. On board of the plane, he meets his controller. Diana reveals to him that there is a spy amongst the Agency and this time, it’s serious. Even 47 recognizes the threat, asking Diana “Do you have that kind of money?”. It seems though that she has a plan of her own.

Remember those cool monologues at the end of previous games? They’re back for one more round!

The interview continues as Rick is starting to wonder why Cayne is so interested in this assassin. Cayne takes control of the conversation once more by exposing 47 as a class I clone – constructed by a brilliant scientist Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer to be a deadly weapon. Cayne himself is against cloning and disapproves even the medical reasons as to why it might be beneficial. He seems to be angry when the conversation reaches the point of this topic and quickly goes back to continuing his story.

It takes two weeks for 47 to fully recover. Himself and Diana meet in a church, although 47 isn’t happy about the place. “You’re usually more prudent.” The controller hands him the mission briefing and mentions that ICA agents are disappearing. 47’s target is currently in a Northern Californian rehab clinic for alcoholics. The identity of the target is unknown. An agent that was supposed to gather the remaining intel has been captured and is being held inside the facility. The tools of the trade this time appear to be some kind of designer poisons. Patients aren’t discharged unless they are sober or dead, so the only way to get the captured agent out of there is to make the personnel believe that he’s indeed not alive. (THIS IS IMPORTANT, it blows my mind that they share this information so early in the game and want people to remember it. It is solidified by gameplay, cause the player actually uses the fake death serum, but still. It’s the beginning of the game!) 47 infiltrates the facility. The staff is heard to be talking about a ‘strange albino’, presumably dressed in doctor’s uniform. The agent ICA is looking for is revealed to be Smith once again. He gives 47 the information he’s gathered, but two new targets appear on the radar (and this cutscene isn’t skippable and I know it by heart). 47 is successful in eliminating them and rescuing Smith… again.

Also worth mentioning Diana saying that she “trusts 47”? The pill itself is more important though.

Cayne drops another revelation – he didn’t only catch 47. He killed him. The journalist is cautious. He asks for a proof, which is something Cayne expected from the start. He now realizes that Rick isn’t going to be patient forever and although he wants to hear the rest of the story first, Cayne invites him for a walk that ultimately will lead to his desired proof. In the meantime however, he feeds Rick more information. This time about a mission taking place in a suburban neighborhood.

The target is Vinnie Sinistra – a former Cuban mobster that is now in a witness protection program. The house is full of FBI agents, but 47 has to stick around a little longer, because there’s another objective to this mission. Sinistra’s wife wears a piece of jewelry that is used as a hiding place for a microfilm. 47 is to retrieve it as well as eliminate the gangster. (I remember people speculating that this necklace is the same one Victoria wears in Absolution before that game came out. It’s a shame that it isn’t though and they went with something A LOT more stupid.)

It appears that Cayne also knew about the microfilm. It is the exact reason as to why FBI was so interested in Sinistra. The microfilm itself was supposedly a source of information on Ort-Meyer’s research. (I don’t know how Sinistra managed to get a hold of that, but Cayne is totally bullshitting Rick at this point though, so whatever, let’s roll with it.) It is clear now that Cayne’s been obsessed with this topic for quite some time. His men raided the Romanian asylum, but were unable to find anything of value until they came across a piece of evidence that proves that Ort-Meyer was indeed the creator of 47. The topic of cloning once again brings out the anger in Cayne. (I literally realized how much of his character is shown in those cutscenes, rather than told. Just try overanalyzing everything like I do every once and a while and you’ll see it.) He lies to Rick telling him vaguely that 47 possibly wanted to sell the research and immediately goes back to his retelling of the investigation.

Also, can I just mention how much they hammer Ort-Meyer’s death in these games? We’re seeing it for the third time. Three times during four games! And we see it AGAIN in 47’s ICA Files Trailer for Absolution! WE GET IT, HE KILLED HIM!

October 25th, 2004. The American Secretary is targeted for an assassination by a rival organization of the ICA. The group call themselves The Crows and their leader is an albino man known as Mark Purayah Jr or Mark Purayah II. He’s working with a romantically involved duo of Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina Mason to kill Jimmy Macklin – a major supporter of the current US president and a spokesman strongly in favor of biotech research such as genetic modifications and cloning. The mission is a success, the assassins are dead and the Senator is saved.

Cayne drops another bomb – right after lying about 47 not being alone, he keeps Rick on his toes by telling him that there are more clones on the loose. This one in particular is a class II clone – fully functioning human being, accelerated to adulthood, but with a lifespan of 18 months. The journalist wants to know more about cloning itself, but Cayne is once again angered by the topic. He’s also against the current US president’s desire to legalize cloning, he calls the research itself a weapon of mass destruction and the public naive. He hopes that the interview will change their minds and to do this he retells a story of the murder of Senator Bingham’s son.

Senator Bingham has been blackmailed for quite some time. Lorne de Havilland managed to get his hands on a video of the Senator’s son – Chad – which shows him having a bit too much fun with a nightclub dancer. Apparently, the girl “didn’t survive the encounter” (whatever that means, I don’t want to imagine that) and since the Senator is currently involved in a re-election campaign, it is clear that he wouldn’t like this video to surface. 47 is to kill both Chad Bingham and Lorne de Havilland as well as retrieve the video tape. There is someone waiting for him in de Havilland’s porn tycoon estate. Another person wants 47 dead. This cannot be a coincidence.

Yeah, I wouldn’t fall for that either.

The beginning of 2005 marked two missions on the Mississippi. Alexander Cayne and his team didn’t manage to get to 47 there, but they had a lead. Las Vegas. “Where does anyone goes for the last, desperate roll of the dice?” He also reveals that himself and Rick are heading to a funeral. 47’s funeral, no less. But there are more stories to be told.

This time, 47 has three targets and all of them are involved in some form of other in the art of cloning and genetic modifications. Hendrik Schmutz is a white supremacist from South Africa and he’s very interested in selling his DNA research to Saudi Arabian sheik Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa. The mission’s objectives is to kill both of them as well as Al-Khalifa’s scientist Tariq Abdul Lateef. 47 also secures a briefcase full of blood diamonds – payment for the research offered by the sheik and his company. Even though the mission is successful, the Agency is still losing their people. And just a few months later, Diana and 47 are the only people left.


Diana’s frustrated, but knows that she’s losing the battle. Or this is how she presents herself in the conversation with 47. (I honestly feel like she’s bullshitting him throughout the entire game, but I haven’t overanalyzed that fully yet. YET.) She’s splitting the remaining Agency funds between the two of them and 47 wishes her luck. There are just two last targets Diana wants 47 to kill, but she knows that this mission might either be a setup or, that 47’s expected to appear at some point during the night. 47 soon realizes that he’s being targeted by The Franchise assassins and he has to eliminate them as well as fulfill the original mission’s objectives. There is still another person waiting for 47 though. Agent Smith slips into the escape car and politely asks 47 for help. The president of the United States of America is about to be assassinated. 47 doesn’t care. He doesn’t play politics, (“Skip the patriotism, Smith.”) but is interested in Smith’s connections and his money, so he agrees to do the job.

Apparently, the hit on the president has been on the works for quite some time. An organization that appointed the Vice President Daniel Morris wants him now in the Oval Office. That organization is of course, The Franchise and they also have their best man in the field. Mark Parchezzi III – another albino clone – is closely working with Daniel Morris to assure that the president is dead. 47’s task is to eliminate both of them. The Vice President is an easy target, but “pumpkin’s” been more than expecting 47 to show up. He outright prepared a trap for him and wants to finish the job. The two assassins duel on the roof of the White House which results in Parchezzi’s death, but it isn’t as cool as what’s been shown in the trailers. 47 manages to escape and believes he’s safe after killing a major figure in The Franchise only to swiftly find out that he’s wrong. Someone else has been pulling the strings.

In the last ditch effort to save the Agency, Diana Burnwood finds her way into 47’s hideout where just a few seconds earlier, a yellow bird lost his life out of necessity. (If you were ever wondering why 47 takes care of an animal, I suggest you go back to part 1.) 47 is clearly surprised to see her face probably for the first time in his life but what grabs his attention immediately after is what Diana has to tell him.

HitmanBloodMoney 2016-02-10 13-11-25-17.jpg
To all those beautiful people that say 47 never shows emotions – I’m pinpointing the exact moment where that statement is incorrent.

“The place is surrounded by thousands of SWAT members right now. They’re getting ready to move in. I had to warn you. There’s still time for you to escape. I’ve got a plan.” She hands 47 the briefing and when his attention is on the files, Diana moves the pistol out of his reach and injects her agent with the fake death serum. 47 is sure that she has betrayed him, but there’s nothing he can do and he collapses on the floor. “Dead”.

HitmanBloodMoney 2016-02-10 13-12-48-11

Only now it’s been revealed that Diana’s been fulfilling her master plan all along. She’s been a double agent, she gained Cayne’s trust by giving him exactly what he wanted – a fresh bone marrow from agent 47 to continue his works on the albino clones – and then got up the ranks of The Franchise to even become Alexander Cayne’s private nurse. 47’s funeral is starting soon and 47 is to be cremated. But not before his controller hands him his trusted Silverballers and kisses him on the lips applying the death serum’s antidote.

ICA Files Trailers artstyle is the best.

Ave Maria plays as the assassin is reborn. All of Cayne’s bodyguards are swiftly eliminated and only the priest, Rick Henderson and Alexander Cayne himself remain. Cayne gets what was coming for him, the priest ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and Rick is another victim of the circumstance. He begs the agent for forgiveness, but 47 knows he can’t leave witnesses alive. The white church and 47’s suit are now stained with blood.

The Agency is alive. Diana seems to be back in the office and is having a conversation about the state of affairs. The ending is left to be ambiguous, but it appears that 47’s also managed to continue his career and the curtain closes on both of them.

HitmanBloodMoney 2016-02-10 13-18-09-15.jpg

I swear, Diana bullshits everyone in this game. She IS the main character of this game. She’s in pretty much every cutscene somewhere in the background, she plays a major role, she’s the best.

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