‘Goon 47 and The Curse of Huge Levels’ – A postmortem piece on HITMAN


1. The Tale of White’s Mind – Introduction

I didn’t know what I was expecting when I posted my original Storyline write-up on February 10th, 2016. I never wanted to show it off in the first place. I thought it wasn’t good enough. In fact, I almost completely scrapped it. It was supposed to be a script for a series of videos containing the summary of the Hitman lore – something I’ve been truly enthralled by since I first played the series in 2009. I spent years researching and unraveling the hidden bits of the story amazed at how deep the rabbit hole goes. “How are people thinking these games don’t have a storyline?”, I remember thinking as for me, the World of Assassination was a place I was using to escape my own. I knew everything there is and I was still finding new things to latch onto. I read every word in every game. I listened to as much dialogue as I could. I even went out of my way to find obscure promotional materials, so I was sure there was nothing I could be missing. And yet I was still thinking “this isn’t good enough”. And I almost scrapped it. If not for the community, this would never happen.

I never wanted to be active in the community. When I discovered the series in May 2009, I also started lurking on the HitmanForum and the, now sadly silent, Polish Hitman message board. I am shy. I will not go out of my way to present my opinion if the situation doesn’t need it. I will just keep silent if other people fill in for me. I’m also emotionally invested in the series since it’s helped me in overcoming many obstacles over the years and it’s always been there for me to escape to if I needed it. Let me tell you, you would not want to be around me when Absolution was announced, during its pre-release days and also after it launched. Since then, I’ve calmed down a lot. Dissociated myself, I was able to step back and leave that emotional attachment locked away deep in my heart. Nobody likes a fanboy. Or a fangirl. Definitely not on the internet. So I hid again, waiting patiently for the next installment of my beloved series.

E3 2015 was… interesting to say the least. Big bold letters were claiming that HITMAN is back! But it didn’t look like Hitman, dressed in calm blue. And the bald man wasn’t 47 either. They were claiming it is agent 47 but it wasn’t my 47. I spent years looking at that man. I have no idea how many times I found myself staring right at him as he was staring at me from my computer desktop. I should probably let you know now that my eyesight is absolutely terrible and has been since I was young. Because of that, I don’t go by faces. I don’t notice the details. I focus on distinctive features, on body language. And for me, the man in the trailer was not 47. There was only one time I truly saw 47 in HITMAN. If you’d ask me, every other time it’s an imposter. Someone I started calling “goon 47” because of the way he moves and behaves in the entire game. He’s a goon dressed in a nice suit. An imposter that couldn’t even get the barcode details right.

I was sad and angry. I needed to vent. I knew I couldn’t go on the HitmanForum though. There were way too many people there. Names I recognized since back when I started lurking. They had reputations and I didn’t. I was a nobody. So I looked for a different place. Somewhere where there was very little chance for people to read what I wanted to say. I could scream into the void. And that was my plan. I went on the Hitman subreddit… and immediately got downvoted to hell because I was negative.

Did I care, though? Not really. My goal was fulfilled. Fun fact; I even called out the James Bond inspirations and specifically mentioned Skyfall in my reaction post to the E3 Announcement Trailer. Later on, when the alpha build videos started to surface, I posted the exact same criticisms that people later had once the first episode came out. Nobody cared, I was getting downvoted and that was it.

I pushed on because I was passionate, at this point I didn’t have much hope for the series but I was open to giving the devs one more chance. I knew I was making a mistake by purchasing the game. I knew I will not enjoy it. The love for the series, locked away in my heart whispered “but it’s Hitman, White!”, so I caved in. But first, there was an aspect of Hitman people didn’t see, claiming the games don’t have a story. How come since I’ve spent years digging through it? I wanted to bring it out. I wanted to show it off so they understand they are wrong!

And goddamnit, I almost scrapped it. And then I asked if people would actually be interested in catching up with the story before the new game launches. They said: “do it”.

Up to this point, I have written 62743 words and they are all about Hitman.

hitman2 2016-02-10 11-18-46-74
If I’d like to make this more dramatic and also quote one of my other favorite games of all time, I’d say: Listen to my story. This may be our last chance.

2. The Promising Outset – Story bits and inconsistencies

There was another reason as to why I picked up HITMAN. After countless trailers and promotional materials I didn’t like, the seemingly hastily put together beta trailer had me excited. Why? Because of the lore. The fifteen seconds of a possible story we’ve been shown in said video was enough to get me thinking that maybe I am wrong about this whole ordeal. I was ready to be proven wrong, in fact, I am ready every time I criticize the game. Going back to 1999 was something I was willing to do. We were never shown how the relationship between 47 and Diana bloomed and if it was to be done in a tasteful and not-very-revealing manner – why not? It was a ray of light I could go with being shined at my face.

The Legacy Trailer was another piece of media I truly enjoyed. Hell, I like going back to it even now. The daunting voice of the Shadow Client, the remastered kills from previous titles (albeit inconsistent when it comes to how they really happened. Also, we still have the ticket date to talk about as it ended up making me very sad that nothing actually happened on my birthday!). It was all setting up so promising. Maybe, after the very disappointing Absolution, this was truly to be the World of Assassination I was going back to? As you can see, I quite like that term. Not really because of what it represents but because it gave a name to what I used to escape to so many times in my life already. With a threatening antagonist on the horizon and brief, respectful mentions to the previous titles, I was even more willing to give the game a go. I got my hands on the beta, went back to 1999 and visited the ICA secret facility just as many of you did at the time.

The difference is that I’ve done it with a huge physical notebook to jot things down in. After posting the original Storyline write-up and receiving massive encouragement and positive energy from the community, I was jokingly called the “resident lore expert”. I was now committed to digging up the lore and presenting it. People seemed interested in it after all and the messages I got from them after they’ve read the piece gave me huge strength. It was truly the first time I felt proud of something I’ve done. It was the first time someone liked what I’ve done. And all of that because of a thing I already loved. That’s a pretty cool feeling, I am not going to lie.

After the beta came out, I started receiving even more messages. The community was asking me about my thoughts on the game and its story. Something I wasn’t prepared for. In fact, I was shocked that someone wants to know my opinion. As I said, I never speak up unless I feel I absolutely need to. Now that I set up my blog that was really only going to be used for the original Storyline write-up, I had a platform to pump my writings onto. And since people were already intrigued in what I have to say, why not give them a roundup of my thoughts on the beta? This was the origin of the opinion pieces that lasted throughout the season and now the community doesn’t want to let me go. We will come back to that a while later.

There isn’t much I can add on the overall “storyline” of HITMAN. There is barely a story to begin with. But I am always asked about what I would have done if I was to write it. First of all, I am honestly of mind that the cutscene right after Freedom Fighters would be a way better conclusion to the season than the actual season finale. “Partners then?” felt like a beginning of act 2 whilst “Old Friends was a scene worthy of ending act 1. It simply felt right, not being fueled by a horrible attempt at a cliffhanger. Obviously, if the decision was mine, I would never give players an incomplete experience. Not story-wise and never gameplay-wise. The episodic nature of HITMAN truly hurt the game’s presentation of the story by dragging it out and disturbing the pacing. Two minutes of cutscenes at the end of a lengthy gaming sections just isn’t enough to tell any kind of a meaningful plot. Especially not a one where you have to introduce new concepts, characters and do some major exposition work before you can even begin thinking about setting up the actual story arc.

HITMAN suffers from the same basic problems that Absolution’s story had. It is an interesting concept which has a lot of potential but is then destroyed by not realizing it. HITMAN steered away from Absolution’s stereotypes and went into trying someone’s discounted version of a spy movie. A theme that does not fit the series in any way and is almost comical at times. Showstopper never felt less Hitman to me. The wannabe spy atmosphere was so thick it’s closer to a Gex level than to Hitman. It did have some ideas I truly liked about it however. The target characterization was spot on (although the later reliance on mental issues to explain every quirk got tiring and honestly, maybe in some cases even a tiny bit insulting) and the detective work the player had to do to uncover the plot was a great experience which gave birth to what I ended up calling “lore runs” – a kind of playthrough where I run around the level for ages trying to trigger and listen to as much of the dialogue as I can and find as much of the overall lore as I can dig up. Again, this concept was then misused several times and it ended up feeling bothersome in later levels, especially in Situs Invertus.

What I liked, however is that after leaving the ICA facility behind, there was nothing more to ruin the old games’ mystique. We had a new set of characters, all of them quite promising. We had intriguing concepts being bounced around the walls of Palais de Walewska. The Church of Ascendants, Jordan Cross, IAGO itself. The game wanted to set itself apart by presenting us with its new ideas. I was willing to give that a chance too, although, as you might or might not know, the essence of the Hitman story for me is the maturity, the thought-provocativeness as well as the hidden complexity of 47 and his relationships with other characters. All of that was missing from HITMAN, so it never felt and will not feel like Hitman to me. Granted, I somewhat understand why the maturity isn’t there anymore. Open world-inspired levels where the player can run around and do anything they want might lead to awkward ludo-narrative dissonance. We will be back at gameplay talks later however.

I will not go on about every mission separately as I’ve done so before in huge details. What I will say however is that right up to “Old Friends”, I was of mind that the story can be fixed. One of my personal quirks is that I overthink a lot and I often end up in situations where my headcanon is way better than the actual plot. This is why I am usually so disappointed in stories other people might be amazed by. When Freedom Fighters came out, I was actually blown away at how much I enjoyed it story-wise. The main story being in the background was exactly how it was in the old games – Silent Assassin in particular – and I truly liked that. The plot of the mission mattered in the long run instead of being a throwaway – something I felt was rampant since the characters barely even mentioned IAGO or Erich Soders anymore. After the Shadow Client was revealed to be more than randomly interested in 47 though, the magic was gone. HITMAN ended up in this convenient place of trying to latch on and justify plotpoints that were never meant to be explained which is why they were left alone in the first place. Sometimes, the writers themselves just don’t want to give an explanation to some of their ideas. Ort-Meyer’s experiments were never truly given away, same with 47’s childhood or how he ended up at the ICA. Everything was heavily implied and it was fine that way. It created a sense of mystery and got us closer to 47 himself, especially in Silent Assassin since the player knew just as much as the main character and was able to put themselves in his shoes. Trying to cram new plotpoints into the old plot can and will most likely lead to story inconsistencies, as it was already the case right after the beta came out – something I pointed out in my beta story coverage. It will come up again, I can assure you. That’s because the HITMAN story is already inconsistent and troublesome in its own rights. The constant usage of the name Tobias Rieper is one of the biggest examples but how could you not realize that by sending 47 to a medical facility closely related to Providence and as a patient, you are giving away the most valuable asset the Agency owns? 47’s DNA which is the main plotpoint of all of the games. For the rubber ducky deity’s sake, Diana was willing to risk her own life for it in Blood Money and you just handed it to your biggest enemies so willy-nilly!

Do I still think the story can be fixed? Not really, although I do have some ideas. The best one would probably be to try and connect it to loose ends of Blood Money and try to get out of the Shadow Client’s links to “that place” mess. Is it possible? With some creative writing and understanding of the lore, I claim it is. Will they do it? Most likely not, as the concept of his character already is set in stone and it would require major rewrites to even attempt fixing it. I also don’t hold much hopes for the series or its writing anymore. I was willing to give it one more chance after Absolution. There are no more chances left in me now. That was the last of the Get Out of Jail Free cards.


3. An Open Decision – Gameplay

“But White, it cannot be that bad, I am sure you are having fun with this game! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be playing it!” is something I’ve heard many times over this year. Because I am so focused on the lore and story aspect of the series, I think a lot of people simply dismissed the fact that I can also be looking at the gameplay. They cannot be more wrong. I don’t like to limit myself when it comes to video games. I will expose myself to every genre if I feel like a particular title provides me with a respectable amount of entertainment. I obviously have my preferences, as every single person in this universe but even with my underlying distaste for everything high fantasy-related, I will still play and enjoy Dragon Age or The Elder Scrolls series.

HITMAN is not a video game that has provided me with enough entertainment to justify the purchase. That’s as simple as I can put it. It is ridden with design decisions I do not agree with as they seem to be made to contrast Absolution’s without looking at the bigger picture. Absolution wasn’t in the same genre as the old school games to begin with. This is why the community is so upset about it. It’s not just about the “small levels”. Absolution is a third person cover stealth action game and those small levels were built to accompany it. HITMAN went with trying to go back to being an environmental 3D puzzle game but still attempting to fix Absolution’s problems. A game which doesn’t even follow the same design principles!

It all went from small levels to huge levels. From one extreme to another. The times I actually had fun with HITMAN were when I was playing smaller missions. Both The Final Test and Situs Invertus were a lot more focused in level design and felt more complete because of that. Those are the closest the game is to the old ones in my personal opinion. See, I keep a notebook of all of the issues I have about the game. I call it “The HITMAN Book of Complaints”. The majority of my problems with HITMAN are because the levels are so huge. Yes, even story-wise! If the levels were smaller, there could have been more focus on specific plotpoints, such as Ether or characters – half of the targets in Freedom Fighters seem tacked on just to boost the number. Going from one huge level to multiple smaller missions would give out the feeling of a more complete experience, which would benefit the episodic model as well as the presentation of the plot and its pacing, as there would be more opportunities to tell the story. It would also elevate the problem of locations feeling incoherent (Marrakesh being the ultimate example) and lead to less frustration as the player wouldn’t have to replay major portions of the level, therefore eliminating the need to rely on the save system.

As of now, HITMAN is bloated with additional content. Escalations and Contracts Mode – both of which I do not personally play as there is simply not enough context to get me going but I know there is a large playerbase that cares about them and would not want to take it away from them. I’d like to direct your attention to the fact that players have always created challenges for themselves even in the old games – the ones without massive levels. Playing the old titles on Professional difficulty created almost a ‘rogue-lite’ experience in a sense. The players were limited in what they can do but the levels weren’t long enough to start being a bother once the inevitable restarts were in play. In fact, most of the hated levels in the old games were bigger levels. Plutonium Runs Loose, Hidden Valley, Find the U’wa Tribe. They were frustrating because they led to having to replay mindless sections of simply traversing an empty space. And for me, HITMAN does the same. It relies too much on the HUD, the hints system and the save system to create its experience, therefore it is not a game for me. I enjoy planning my hit and executing it absolutely perfectly. If that means I will have to restart up to thousands of times, I will do it. Two of the eight main missions in HITMAN allow me to do that. A handful of Elusive Targets did too. Everything else felt too big and too open world-inspired for me to care about it. Yes, open world titles aren’t the ones I usually go for when it comes to choosing a video game for me to play but I have also recently very much enjoyed Metroid Prime. If the product is able to convince me to enjoy something I don’t care about otherwise, it means it’s a great product. Apparently HITMAN just isn’t for me.

There is also a distinct lack of tension in the game. I speculated why that’s the case. One of the aspects might be because the NPCs could not care less about the player character running everywhere. Second is because there are just so many options available to us. I know, it sounds crazy but think about it. Back in the days, we had to work with what we had to complete the level. We had to work around the limitations to solve the problem presented to us. In HITMAN, there are so many items that are not worth carrying around, even The Signature Fibre Wire™ as we now have a handy “snap neck” option. There is also no need for Silent Assassin’s limited anesthetic as we can subdue every NPC we can dream of. Back in the old games, doing that meant we had to use an item, therefore giving it a purpose. Not to say, I cannot imagine game balancing will become easier as items will continue to pile up. At the same time, I would also never want to take away creativity and freedom of play. I just think there is a better way of doing it.

With its major design decisions being the ones I didn’t like the most and the lack of aspects I did enjoy in previous titles, I think you can now see why I am so negative when it comes to HITMAN. But there is one concept I actually quite liked… albeit now my feelings towards it are somewhat mixed.

I had to rub it in, I’m sorry. /inside joke

4. Those Who Hold The Power – Elusive Targets

Elusive Targets were meant to be this breath of fresh air. This inspiring concept that would bring us closer to the “assassin fantasy” we are all craving. A limited time offer set of missions mixed with a “one chance!” mindset would require extensive map knowledge and would highlight player skill. They would also be this special event in the World of Assassination, causing us to literally drop everything we are doing to throw a digital fire axe at a polygon-built fake man in a video game… at least in theory. The Elusive Targets were to be the cherry at the top of the “LIVE” content yet for many ended up being the only worthwhile “LIVE” content.

I definitely see the appeal of the concept and once the first couple have finally come out, I even called it “the most fun I had in HITMAN yet”. The missions handled the tension nicely. Upping the risk was a good call, even though we could technically still restart the mission if neither the player character or the target is dead. Scouting the area before assembling a plan and trying to execute it was something I was craving in HITMAN for a while, so I took advantage of the restart opportunities to adjust it to my own playstyle. Even though the levels were still huge, Elusive Targets were using a definitely smaller percentage of it, therefore the player did not have to spend hours trying to figure out a good way of eliminating them. That paired with the “one chance!” mentality gave me a truly refreshing ‘rogue-lite’ feel once again and I did end up having actual proper fun.

But then something was starting to feel off about those missions as well. I personally thought they were coming out in an alarming rate, to the point of not feeling like a special event, and instead being pumped out because the devs have finally realized this is something the community is interested in. You know, instead of all of the other content. Especially Escalations which I’ve heard got a lot better over the time but I have no interest in trying them after getting burned by the first few. Now, I honestly think that maybe it’s not the release rate that is the problem but instead, the other “LIVE” content that was meant to accompany the Elusive Targets. If those are the only instance of those types of missions I play, it definitely does not feel like a special event. In fact, after eight or so, they all started mashing together in my mind and at this point, I cannot even tell you how many they were or what they were off the top of my head. They are simply not memorable anymore and that is a big shame.

Probably the biggest shame of all, as those targets appear to have actual good pieces of lore and story behind them. Every Elusive Target we’ve killed (or not, depending on your accomplishments) had a unique set of dialogue, backstory and links to other characters in the World of Assassination. That is, however, something I personally do not get to experience because of my playstyle. As mentioned before, I enjoy limiting myself in my options to have to work harder to achieve my goals. This is why I don’t go seeking the story in Elusive Targets, as I’d know too much about the mission and trivialize it. I cannot go back to it, as it’s the nature of the mode and I am pretty sure most of the people have no idea how interesting those backstory connections are. This is the lore I am sure I’d be down with. These are the characters I’d like to explore. This is where the hidden goodies of the story are in HITMAN. The unique concepts, the meat of the World of Assassination. Quoting another of my favorite video games of all time – What a shame.

I am curious if the Elusive Targets will end up becoming a double-edged sword at some point in the game’s lifespan. They were a great selling point at first, but now that so many of them have come out, would new players care about buying a game if they have already missed a large portion of content? I know I personally wouldn’t and maybe acquiring new players is something that should be on the radar.


5. The Contrived Boundaries – Community

I’m not sure I ever wanted to be a part of this community. As I’ve said before, I am shy and don’t particularly like people. I like being left alone, in my little corner or in the World of Assassination. I guess I only became a part of the community because I was so frustrated at the initial E3 announcement and simply had to vent. The Reddit part of the fanbase being so nice and encouraging after my original Storyline write-up is why I have stayed. I enjoy being the voice of communities, I like helping them. I already had experience doing that as I was once heavily involved in a Polish The Sims community. This time, I got addicted to nice words being thrown at me. But that is not an experience everyone has in this community and it’s why it has begun to split apart. In multiple ways. I like to think that the community has layers. There are now many outlets for people to share their opinions on Hitman. There are many contrasting views on the direction the game has taken. There are many people that simply do not want to be involved with the series anymore as they feel burned by the developers yet they still want to come back as they made friends in the community. Hitman is a niche series, therefore the potential fanbase is smaller. And instead of trying to keep us together, what ends up happening is that we split up into even smaller pieces. I cannot imagine this going in a right direction.

Every outlet now is daunting. There are people that have reputations and an “old school fan” tag to them. There are people that actually enjoyed Absolution and have no idea why a portion of the community heavily despises it. There are people that will go out and tell me that I am wrong for my opinion. I especially like when someone tells me I look at Absolution through hate glasses and I’d change my view if I was to give it another chance, when in fact, I did enjoy Absolution to a degree and only started truly disliking it after repeated playthroughs. The community is not a nice place to be if you are an average fan. There are multiple walls we are hitting. Within the community and outside of it. But there is not much we can do on our own if there is nobody to care for us.

I have no idea why people started valuing my opinions. At some point, I feel like I have become a voice for the community, as it was asking me to post something on Twitter to get the developers to notice their complaints. I never did that if I was not agreeing with what they have to say but it was definitely quite alarming. Since then, we’ve had many conversations about the state of the community. I still do not truly see it going in a favorable direction. The Discord server that was set up earlier this year ended up being a throwaway outlet for people to vent about the game. They come back to complain and elevate their frustrations with the series. They often don’t even play HITMAN anymore, burned out by the title and the lackluster feeling of the episodic release model.

The community is a dire place. I’d like it to become better, more friendly. I’d like to feel I’ve done some things to push it in that direction but that’d be giving myself credit. I always try to see all of the sides of the problem and that is probably the most infuriating as I personally know this community is full of kindhearted and amazing people. They gave me a place to care about and to come back to. They gave me a purpose. If not for my opinion pieces, I’d probably never play HITMAN after Showstopper. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, that’s up to you to decide.

I’d also like to credit them for helping to fulfill my dream of visiting the Io-Interactive HQ in Copenhagen which I had the pleasure to do in October 2016. I met some wonderful people there, both community and developers and I even though I cannot talk about my experiences there, I can assure you I gave my all to hopefully push the designers onto the right path. For you. For the community.

So about that sniper briefcase…

6. Scorched Hopes – Future

Because of that visit, I am in a troublesome place. A place I’m not sure I even know how to get out of. I’d like to help the people working on the game, as I truly love each and every one of them and I could discuss with them for hours. I do not, however want to support the company anymore as HITMAN was the last chance I wanted to give them and I am heavily disappointed in the final product. There are also other matters at hand. The community wants me to go back for season 2. I’d be a fool to completely disregard the position I’m in and to give up the chances that opened up for me over the course of this year. Silly as it may sound, I am a bit scared of being left behind. As I’ve mentioned, the community is a huge part of why I’m here. Probably even bigger than you might imagine.

What I want to be doing? I always had plans when it comes to writing. I wrote a few pieces on other video games, if you’d like to take a peek. I’d like to continue doing that and if it’s something you’d be interested in, I encourage you to stick around. I do however know that people stuck with me mostly because of Hitman. I never want to disappoint you, I have some plans for that, too. I don’t want to stop writing about Hitman. I love writing about Hitman. All I’ve ever written was because I wanted to do it and I enjoyed doing it. Still, my absolute favorite piece is the extensive character study of 47 which took me countless hours to put together. I have a few Hitman pieces in mind already and I’m always open for suggestions. As for other things? Livestreaming was always on my radar. Not only Hitman, although if I was to cover season 2, I’d definitely love to livestream my lore runs. I have a few games in mind that I’d like to share. My love for video games does not stop at Hitman. I am an avid fan of Silent Hill, I want to experience new games with you, I want to expose you to some great stories in this media, I play The Binding of Isaac more than I’d like to admit. This is something I truly would like to do if you’d also like to hang out. For all of this, there are a few ‘buts’ however.

Back in March, after I posted the Paris opinion piece, I had Patreon in mind. I thought about giving the community an option to chime in if they enjoyed the writings, especially since after telling people in the daunting “real world” about what I’m doing online lead to questions such as “why aren’t you getting paid for doing this?”. I absolutely hate the idea of asking someone for money and receiving money for something I’ve done from the kindness of my heart. This is why there are no ads on my blog and I always specifically said that I’m not getting a cent out of these writings. I still do not ask you for money. That would be simply wrong. Patreon is a great idea for content creators and I have a few ideas regarding it but at this time, I honestly do not feel like I can deliver for reasons completely out of my control.

It’s been hard to even getting around to writing this piece. See, I was planning it to come out a lot earlier after the release of the last HITMAN episode. Approximately a week or so. Throughout the year, I’ve been working on these pieces in addition to battling everything life was throwing my way. The World of Assassination has been my escape point once again. Thanks to the community. I’m not going to go into details about my personal life as I am sure you are not even slightly interested about it and I don’t want to sound pessimistic or whiny. The situation isn’t ideal, however (you may know few bits and pieces if you’ve either seen my tweets or came across me on Discord) and I am not able to provide you with the content you deserve in time you deserve and in quality you deserve. If I was to cover season 2 of HITMAN, I am not even certain if my outdated rig will be able to run the game and I am in no position to spend money on it at this point in time and probably won’t be in the nearest future. I want to give you all that the community deserves, I want to be a part of it. I want to give back because of the amazing support I’ve received. And I cannot do it. Not right now. And it’s infuriating as I constantly think soon my voice won’t be relevant anymore.

I have a bunch of things planned. I probably need to get around updating the original Storyline write-up with HITMAN’s “story” at some point before season 2 comes out. If you’d like to follow what I’m doing more closely, I do have a Twitter account if you don’t mind a dosage of complaining every now and again. Covering season 2 isn’t completely off the horizon but I cannot justify buying it in my current situation, especially since I know people want me to go back. I will also not make the same terrible consumer decision for the second time. I will not personally  be purchasing a product I know I will not enjoy.

For now, all I can say is that I thank you for everything. And I hope to come across you again at some point.

This is White, signing out.