Nothing really interesting here, I’d just like to thank you for reading all of these words I’ve written over the past month! Those were a lot of words! I am happy to teach people something about the Hitman franchise. Maybe even something you didn’t know. I am especially thankful for the people over at /r/Hitman who inspired me to finish working on this piece after some personal matters happening in my life, obviously Mr. HHCHunter, the guys over at HitmanForum where I’m coming back to lurk and the team at IO Interactive. Most importantly Travis and Nick who are in the unfortunate position of having to read stuff people write on the internet.

You know, if you ever need a lore expert at IO, you know where to find me. I know you’re reading this, Travis!

Also thank you to StealthClobber over at Reddit who caught a mistake I made during my insomnia-induced Enemy Within research at 3 AM. I knew I was gonna fuck something up!

From more personal thanks – thank you to someone that knows who they are for dealing with my Hitman nerdgasms every once and a while and to Mr. Chappy. If you’ll ever read this, I miss ya, buddy.

Oh, and I don’t hate Absolution. It’s a great game. A fantastic cover-based stealth game. It’s just a horrible Hitman game. And it has a terrible story.

Let’s all hope that the new game won’t completely destroy the lore and won’t leave us with another Absolution or… even worse… Damnation. It can’t be **that** bad right?… what? THEY CHANGED 47’S FACE AND HIS SILVERBALLERS?!!…

…thank you, guys and gals… I’ll… I’ll be back… maybe… hopefully…

This is White, signing out.